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Blog review: Google + and

15/15 points

Ed May


Write a short paragraph with your analysis of the specific readings (high level overview)


You can use youtube to advertise your product or service in a way that would be expensive on regular TV. For a minimum expense of a video camera and script, you can promote your product and “show” the customer what you do in a way that puts them there.


video helps brand awareness. Even though it does not generate revenue directly, it helps people identify with and know about your services.

You can become a “celebrity” by being viewed on YouTube.

The secret to a good show is to listen to your audience. Using google analytics, you can see what people are doing on your show.

You need a compelling opening (first 20 seconds) so that you can establish credibility and authority.

Get viewers to hit the subscribe button. Then they will be given a link every time a new video appears.

Youtube is second-largest search engine on internet

You can create an ad which is posted on top a video in response to search. Worst that can happen: nobody watches it.

Orabrush (

Want to go viral? Forget traditional PR in favor of a social media-savvy firm (or some creative college students) that can create an irreverent video hit that translates into sales.


Google has described Google+ as a “social layer” consisting of not just a single site, but rather an overarching “layer” which covers many of its online properties.


                1 million business/brand pages

                400 million Google + users

                5-10 % Clickthrough rate uplift for socially-enhanced Search ads

Takeaways – Using bullets, tell me about your, “I loved that” takeaways. (Choose a couple things you loved)

Youtube: Ease of access, minimal cost, no blocks or screening (like Facebook), nothing like video to tell the story.


How do the readings pertain to your business? Write a short summary about how the topic applies or pertains to your start-up business.

Youtube: In connection with my family history company, I could use Youtube to do short bios on video of anyone, for a nominal cost. It would be in the style of “I’m a mormon.” Short, testimonial, showing the person going thru the day. The result could either be burned to a DVD or put on a private Youtube channel.


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